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Title: Besieged - Artist: Duane Pasco, 1997 - Material: Laminated Yellow Cedar - Size: 36”x40” - Price: $125,000.00 USD

Featured in Duane’s Book, "Life As Art". Text from the book: "I have carved several canoes and enjoy being out on the water with them, but there have been a few times when I probably shouldn’t have been. Unseen in these photos [referring to the photos of this piece in his book] of Besieged, on the other side of the sail, is the single tentacle of an octopus thrust straight up from the depths and gripping the paddle, tearing it from the boys hands. From experience I can attest to the difficulty of attempting to steer and manage the sail and sprit lines in a heavy wind at sea. Dealing with an octopus of that size on top of it all would be taking multitasking to the limit. Although I have never been besieged by an octopus, I have at times been besieged with some pretty hairy winds and large waves. I suppose that that is the inspiration for this sculpture. Also, the idea of creating something a little bit out of the ordinary was a fun challenge. In scale, this represents a sixteen-foot canoe of the Makah type. I made a canoe of this size and type shortly before making this sculpture."

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